About Us


I first started tinkering with the fashion jewelry business in March of 1984, and by July 1st of 1984, had made it a full-time venture. After a short time, I noticed that fancy jewelry sold quicker than everyday jewelry. People can get plain and normal everywhere; they want fabulous. By definition, a special occasion requires special jewelry. Before long I was making prom jewelry, pageant jewelry, and wedding jewelry using crystal and Cubic Zirconia. My crystal earrings and Cubic Zirconia earrings are among my best sellers.


Now Jim Ball Designs can be seen in almost all state-level pageants, is well represented at Miss America and Miss USA, and is seen at all proms all over the USA and Canada. I have also written articles for Pageantry Magazine.


Our jewelry can be used for weddings – for the bride, bridesmaids, and mothers of the bride and groom. A variety of our Crystal Earrings can also be worn at pageants and proms as well.