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Jim Ball Designs uses Swarovski Crystals and Pearl

Posted by Jim Ball on Thu, Aug 4, 2011 @ 05:08 AM

I have been telling everyone that I was upgrading my wedding jewelry, bridal jewelry, and social occasion jewerly.  Here is how I do it-by using Swarovski Pearls along with the Swarovski Crystal and Cubic Zirconia that I have already been using.Swarovski crystal pearl color chart

If you give me enough time, I can create anything with Swarovski Pearls and Swarovski Crystals.  Here is the Swarovski Crystal chart.Swarovski Crystal chart

Not every cut of Swarovski crystals comes in every color that they make, but quite a few do.  Give me enough time and you will be surprise at what I can create.  I can create jewelry with chunky stones to match the chunky stones on the prom and pageant dresses.  I can create jewelry for prom and pageant that you will see at Miss America, Miss USA and most state and local pageants.  I can create social occasion jewelry, bridal jewerly, or wedding jewelry for anyone at the wedding.

I can make earrings with chunky stones or pave' with small stones.chunky stone earring with Swarvski crystals

Here is a sample of a pave' which means paved with stone.

Pave' crystal hoop earrings

If you have ideas of prom, pageant, wedding jewerly, bridal jewelry, or social occasion jewelry, please let me know and lets work together to creat fabulous for you.

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